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Robert Frank is one of America’s most important and influential photographers. Frank’s complex and visionary photographs of postwar America, as well as his later films and videos, have greatly influenced the work of generations of artists. His book The Americans (1958), an exploration of the United States made with the support of the Guggenheim Foundation, marked a turning point in photography. Frank’s films include Pull My Daisy, OK, End Here, and Me and My Brother. The National Gallery of Art in Washington founded the Robert Frank Collection in 1990 with Franks’s donated negatives, contact sheets, work and exhibition prints. Robert Frank has also received an International Photography Award from the Hasselblad Foundation in Sweden and a Cornell Capa Award from the International Center of Photography in New York.

Robert Frank’s first book, Les Américains/The Americans (Delpire, 1959; Grove Press, 1959)


We appreciate Robert Frank’s wisdom and perception. He honored the prize and Danny Wilcox Frazier in the words he typed up for the book. His introduction speaks for itself.


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