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Yolanda Cuomo: Book by Book

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We’ve been lucky enough to work with designer Yolanda Cuomo on five of the last six CDS/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography winners’ books and are excited to work with her on the seventh one (the winner of the 2014 competition will be announced in January 2015). Yolanda makes the process of collaborating—from working with the photographer on a concept and sequence to creating promotional materials with the publisher’s marketing team—feel like play instead of work.

“One quickly gets the sense that, in Cuomo’s world, collaboration is not simply one way to approach a project; it’s the only way to approach a project.”—TIME LightBox profile:


When Yo moved from her Chelsea studio on West 19th Street after twenty-five years (to a new one about ten blocks uptown), The New Yorker made a video called “Let’s Make a Book of This: Studio Visit with Yolanda Cuomo,” in which she talks about how she thinks, and feels, about making photo books.

“You have to be crazy about every single detail—about the printing, about the binding. . . . I approach projects from the content, and things that I love. I can’t say I have one kind of a style because I always think that all of our books look different, and I think that’s a good thing. . . . You make up this story, and you don’t really tell it and bang it over the head of people: It’s like making a film, subplots and short stories and little poems. And then we do a lot of flipping. . . .”

Take a look:

Below, flip books of Ben Lowy’s Iraq | Perspectives and Gerard Gaskin’s Legendary.

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